Who We Are


About Us

Namsie Manufacturing and Food processing is a Malawian owned agricultural processing company based in Lilongwe Malawi.

Namsie Manufacturing prides itself in having a team of highly qualified staff and supported by agro industry experts and professionals driven by a drive to create and build a brand that is superior and offers affordable products. We source best quality herbs, teas, spices, farm produce from Malawi to augment our own farm supply.

Our Vision

To be a part of every meal in every household by supplying nutritious, healthy meals by spearheading a change in agro-processing value chain industry that fosters a sustainable symbiotic relationship between farmers and consumers.

Our Mission

The aim of the company is to provide its customers with high quality organic, nutriceuticals teas and beverage’s at reasonable costs.

Our Mantra

We have it all natural.



Our Core Values

In all our activities we show reverence to Mother Nature and the natural order at all times. Namsie Manufacturing and food processing is dedicated to sourcing, packaging and distributing high-quality herbal and botanical tea products in an ethical, organic and Earth-friendly way

Support local farmers, by procuring from them and infuse with other botanical products, to give our customers a truly unique Malawian taste full of aroma and love from the warm heart of Africa.